Sep 28 2021

Bremerton Finale

The final two races were supposed to be at Woodburn Dragstrip, but they moved the Fall Classic one week due to weather. So, the decision was made to move our races to Bremerton Raceway. 

Designs Unlimited was the race sponsor. Allen Macham, David Wakefield, Dennis Boley, Jay Schmid, Jeff Jackson, Jess Dale, Justin Sibley, Michelle Lewis, Todd Sims, Tony Hopkins, and Tim Sipe entered the race.

After two sessions of qualifying, Todd Sims was number one with a 6.902

First round started with Schmid using a .012 light to beat Jackson. Then Hopkins had a better light than Lewis but went down and broke out by .001. In a double break out race, Sibley was closer than Sipe to the 6.90 and took the win. Wakefield showed us how to do it with a great 6.900 run to beat Dale. Macham got closer to the championship by beating a slowing Boley. Sims got the bye

Round two got under way. Schmid was the winner when Wakefield went red. Then Sims got the nod when Lewis was late on the tree. Sibley put Macham on the trailer with a .010 light and a 6.917 run.

In the semifinal round, Schmid had the bye. Sims got to the final when Sibley had problems with his car.

Sims and Schmid came around for the final. Sims had a .009 light but was late. Schmid went .000 on the tree, but then he went down and broke out to give the win to Sims.

Sunday’s race started with five braving the weather. Got the qualifying down. And then it started to mist. Finally, the race was called and to the points ended with Todd Sims the 2021 champion and Allen Macham in second place

No word on the awards banquet. We will see what January brings. No idea yet about 2022 dates. Will keep you informed via Facebook.