Sep 22 2020

Woodburn Finale

Hi. I thought I should get this done because I know racers are waiting for the wonderful things I write. Woodburn Dragstrip in September is always a challenge. Especially this year, what with all the wonderful protests and fires and masks and other stupid stuff going on.

Going into this race the top five in Super Street were – Todd Sims, Allen Macham, Michelle Lewis, Justin Sibley, and David Wakefield. Things changed.

I got to Woodburn about noon on Friday. Then shortly after I got there it rained. Was not a long rain and it helped clear out the smoke from the recent fires. In attendance were, Allen Macham, Bill Carrell, Bill Gee, Dave Wakefield, David Monsaas, Dennis Boley, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Michelle Lewis, Patrick Carrell, Todd Sims, and Casey Ladd. The race was sponsored by Roberts Floor Covering.

In the first qualifying session, Gary Ericksen set the bar at a 10.901. No one could come up with a better time, so Gary got the #1 qualifying award from Snap On Tools.

Let’s race. Round one started with a doozy. Sims and B Carrell both had .004 reaction times. Both broke out. Sims broke out the least and got the win. Then Gee helped Macham by giving him the win via a red light. P Carrell got the win when Ericksen went .001 red. Lewis went red against Dale. Ladd had better light and ran closer to the index to win over Mansaas. Wakefield got a break when Boley could make the call to the lanes.

Then we went to round two. Ladd had the better light than Sims by .003. Both broke out and Sims got the win. Macham moved closer to the championship by going .000 on the tree and running 10.905 to beat P Carrell. Wakefield then used a .003 light to put Dale on the trailer. Both ran 10.890.

In the semi final round, Wakefield helped Macham by taking out Sims in a double break out affair. Macham had the single into the final.

Final round time. Wakefield had the better light, but broke out, giving Macham the win.

After a quick calculation, I determined the top five – Sims, Macham, Lewis, Wakefield, and Dale. We had a hamburger protest meeting and David Monsaas got the best losing package award. Thanks again to Roberts Floor Covering and Snap On Tools for the extra stuff.

Sunday morning came and we started over. Allen Macham, Bill Carrell, Bill Gee, Dave Wakefield, David Monsaas, Dennis Boley, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Michelle Lewis, Patrick Carrell, Todd Sims, and Casey Ladd stayed. We had two qualifying sessions and Todd Sims was the best with a 10.905. This race was sponsored by Designs Unlimited.

Round one finally got started. Gee knocked Wakefield out of the championship race. Then Monsaas kept Sims from getting anymore points via a good light and a good run. P Carrell used a better light to force Macham to break out. B Carrell went red against Dale. Ericksen gave the win light back to Lewis. And Ladd got the win over Boley.

In the next round, Gee went .003 to Ladd’s red light for the win. Monsaas used a .007 to force P Carrell to break out. Dale went red against Lewis.

Monsaas got the bye in the semi final round. Lewis got the win when Gee slowed slightly.

Final round time. The sun was going down and Lewis and Monsaas paired up. The tree came on and Lewis had a .011 light and forced to Mansaas to break out.

Once again, I got my trusty calculator out and unofficially the top five are – Macham, Sims, Lewis, Dale, and Wakefield. What is going on? Lewis did not finish in seventh place this year. Ok, it is official. 2020 is a really messed up year! Ha Ha Ha Ha.

No word on the awards banquet. We will see what January brings. No idea yet about 2021 dates. Will keep you informed via Facebook.