Sep 23 2019

Woodburn Finale

A quick trip to Woodburn Dragstrip for the final two races of the year. The 2019 championship was on the on the line. Ten racers decided to race. Bill Gee, Dave Wakefield, Duane Moore, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Lane Cavar, Michelle Lewis, Todd Sims, Allen Macham, and Hil Vandermeer were in attendance.


First qualifying session, Gee went 10.903 and nobody could get around that. So, Bill Gee was #1 and Snap-On Tools provided the awards once again. Roberts Floor Covering was the race sponsor.

Ok let’s go racing. Round one found Dale and Moore in a battle. Dale did not do to well on the tree and then went down and broke out, giving Moore the win. That opened the door for Sims. Lewis won when Macham had a bad light and could not run the number. Cavar lost to Wakefield on a double break out race, Sims got closer to the championship when Vandermeer turned on the red light and Gee forced Ericksen farther under on another double break out race.


Round two had Moore and Wakefield matched up. .003 to .009, but Wakefield went 10.895 to give the win to Moore. Sims pretty much sealed the deal when Lewis went red and Gee had the bye.

We got to the semi-final round and Gee advanced to the final when Sims lit the red eye. Moore had the single.

Then darkness fell and we could not finish the race. So, Gee and Moore split the money, and both got runner up points.


We had a spaghetti feed and awards ceremony in the Petitt pits. I decided to change the special award from Best Losing Package to Worst Losing Package. That went to Jess Dale.

Thanks to Roberts Floor Covering for the extra moolah and big shout out to all the Sponsors, especially Infinity Coach for the Series Sponsor.

By my rough calculations, Todd Sims moved ahead of Jess Dale for the 2019 Championship. Bill Gee got 3rd and Tony Brothers 4th.


Sunday’s race was rained out. Mother Nature does not like us sometimes. All racers in attendance will get 11 points.

The banquet will probably be January 26 in Tacoma. I will keep you guys and gals posted.