Aug 28 2019

Great Racing at Pacific

Pacific Raceways, Race 12, good weather, start your engines.

Ten Super Street racers for the event.

Dave Wakefield, Dustin Martin, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Michelle Lewis, Patrick Carrell, Todd Sims, Don Turnbull, Lane Cavar, and Jeff Jackson entered the event.

In the first round of qualifying Jeff Jackson came out with a 10.907 and nobody could get around that, Jeff got the #1 award from Snap-On Tools. Archer Construction was the race sponsor.

Round one started with Jackson taking the bye. Then Dale beat up on Carrell in a double break out race. Sims forced Lewis to break out. Martin stayed ahead of Loftis (who was not entered). Turnbull used a .006 to Wakefield’s .008 to force Wakefield to break out. Sibley (who was not entered) beat Cavar. And Ericksen got around Craig (who was not entered).

Round two had Turnbull and Dale paired, with Turnbull coming out on top. Martin used a .008 light for force Sims to break out. And Jackson had a slightly better light than Ericksen and got the win.

Semi final round time. Martin used a better light, Jackson broke out. Turnbull went red.

In the final, Martin got the win.

Congratulations to Dustin Martin and thanks to Archer Construction for the race sponsorship.

Last two races of the season are at Woodburn Dragstrip on September 21 and 22. If you attend the LODRS race the week prior, you can leave your trailer.