Jul 03 2019

Bremerton Fun

Super Street racers came together at Bremerton Raceway for race 8 and 9 of the 2019 schedule.

Saturday was a little overcast, but seven racers paid their money and raced.

Bill Gee, Dustin Martin, Jess Dale, Todd Sims, Tony Brothers, Wade Archer, and Jay Schmid entered the event.

We had two rounds of qualifying. Jess Dale ran a great 6.907 to take the #1 spot. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the award. Kaufman – Ellingsen Racing was the race sponsor.

Round one began and Archer got the win when Martin turned on the red light by .001. The Brothers got the round win when Schmid went red. Sims had a better light and forced Gee to break out, and Dale got the bye.

In the semi-final round, Brothers had a .002 light and forced Archer to break out. On the other side of the ladder, Sims used a holeshot to put Dale on the trailer.

Sims and Brothers faced off for the final. Sims had a .004 better light and went .005 closer to the index for the win.

Congratulations to Todd Sims and thanks to Kaufman – Ellingsen Racing for the race sponsorship.

Sunday dawned bright and early with very little cloud cover.

Only five racers stayed to battle on Sunday. The racers were Bill Gee, Jess Dale, Todd Sims, Tony Brothers, and Jay Schmid. Two rounds of qualifying later, Tony Brothers was #1 with a 6.904. The race sponsor was Cloise & Mike Construction.

Round one was off and running. Sims beat Gee in a double breakout race. Dale had a much better light to overcome Schmid, and Brothers had the bye.

Brothers had a .003 against Sims in the semi-final round and took the win light. Dale had the bye.

Final round time came, and Brothers did better on Sunday than he did on Saturday. He got the win light when Dale went red by .001. Way to go Tony Brothers. A runner up and a win.

Thanks to Cloise & Mike Construction for the sponsorship.

Next race is at Bremerton Raceway on July 20 and 21.