May 28 2019

Renegade Racing

Let us take a moment and remember those who have given their life, so we can do what we do.

Let’s go to Renegade Raceway for race 6 and 7 on our schedule. We had nine in attendance on Saturday.

Bill Carrell, Bill Gee, Dave Wakefield, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Todd Sims, Dustin Martin, Patrick Carrell, and Rob Curtis were there to race in Super Street.

Qualifying was completed and Todd Sims was on top with a stellar 10.902. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the award. The Dalrymple Family was the race sponsor.

Round one was off and running. Ericksen used a .001 light to beat Curtis. Sims had the bye. Dale got a competition single when Bill Carrell could not make the call. Gee used a better reaction time to force Martin to break out and Patrick Carrell beat a slowing Wakefield.

In round two, Ericksen won over Carrell in a double break out race. Sims won on a hole shot over Gee and Dale had the bye.

The semi-finals found Sims beat a slowing Dale. Ericksen had the bye.

In the final round Sims had the better light, but Ericksen got the win light by running closer to the index.

Congratulations to Gary Ericksen and thanks to the Dalrymple Family for the race sponsorship.

Sunday’s race was sponsored by FBN Racing. The day started out very wet. Six racers stayed to brave the weather and see if we could race. Bill Gee, Dave Wakefield, Gary Ericksen, Jess Dale, Todd Sims, and Rob Curtis hung around. Due to the late start, the track decided it would give one qualifying round and all classes would run 1/8 mile.

Gary Ericksen was the #1 qualifier and received the award from Snap-On Tools.

Round one started with Sims winning over Gee. Curtis got the win when Wakefield was no show. Dale used a holeshot to beat Ericksen.

Semi-final action found Sims over Curtis and Dale getting the bye.

In the final, Sims had a better light and ran closer to the index to get the win over Dale.

Good job Todd Sims. Thanks to FBN Racing for the sponsorship.

Next race is at Bremerton Raceway on June 29 and 30.