May 14 2019

Bremerton Racing

Ok, it has been awhile since I wrote any results, mainly because our first race of 2019 was rained out. The race sponsor for the Pacific Raceways race was FBN Racing and that sponsor money will be added to the August 24 race at Pacific Raceways. No points were awarded because the track did not even open.

So, we move to the second race of the season at Bremerton Raceway. This race was held in conjunction with the NHRA National Open and eight racers bought into the event. The event sponsor was Bremerton Raceway.
Dave Wakefield, Michelle Lewis, Todd Sims, Tony Brothers, Bill Gee, Gary Ericksen, Wade Archer, and Bill Carrell were the racers who signed up to race.
After two rounds of qualifying, Dave Wakefield was the #1 qualifier. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Then things changed. The timing system decided it did not like heads up, pro light, index classes and while running SST, it gave the left lane the win for every pair. After numerous phone calls to Bob Brockmeyer (Compulink designer), the system could not be repaired, so Saturday’s race was cancelled. Everyone who was in attendance will receive first round loss points and their entry fee was saved for the next event they attended.

Petitt’s had the evening gala event at their trailer with a great brisket. Unfortunately, I could not attend as I was trying to get the timing system to work so we could race on Sunday. I borrowed Pacific Raceways spare computer and we got it to work for the Super Classes. Please let Ed Garfield know we appreciate him loaning Bremerton Raceway his spare computer.

On to Sunday. This race was sponsored by Robert’s Floor Covering.

Dave Wakefield, Todd Sims, Bill Gee, Gary Ericksen, Wade Archer, and Bill Carrell were the racers who paid into the association race.

After one round of qualifying Gary Ericksen was top qualifier with a 6.917. Snap On tools provided the #1 Qualifier Award.

Round one had Todd Sims paired with Peter Kraus. Sims was the winner when Kraus broke out. Lloyd Flatum beat Bill Carrell, Bill Gee took out Dave Wakefield via a better light and a perfect 6.900. Wade Archer used a much better light to beat David Monsaas and Gary Ericksen hole shot Patrick Carrell.

In round two, Sims beat Flatum on a double break out affair. Gee forced Ericksen to break out, and Archer had the bye.
Sims was closer to the index than Archer and won in the semi’s. Gee had the bye.

Final round time. Gee with a .007 light and 6.903 to get the win light over Sims.

Thanks to Bremerton Raceway and Robert’s Floor Covering for the race sponsorship.

Next race is Woodburn Dragstrip on May 18 and 19.