Sep 27 2018

Season Finale at Woodburn

Let’s go to Woodburn and do some racing.

Of course, Mother Nature had to have her say in the matter and make things really interesting. We had nine racers at the track. Allen Macham, Dennis Boley, Dustin Ward, Dave Wakefield, Jess Dale, Michelle Lewis, Todd Sims, Bill Gee and Gary Ericksen were there to brave the weather and the feature cars. Due to rain delay we got one qualifying session. Michelle Lewis showed us the way to get the first-round bye as she was #1 with a 10.916. Thanks to Snap-On Tools for the #1 Qualifier Award and way to go Michelle.

The race sponsor was Roberts Floor Covering.

We had some more delay and first round found Sims a winner when Wakefield broke out. Dale won against Macham in a double break out race. Ericksen was a winner when Boley was a no show. Lewis got the bye. Gee advanced when Ward could not make the call.

The next round had Ericksen against Lewis. Ericksen won when Lewis went too quick. Sims won when Gee lit the red eye. And Dale had the bye.

In the semi final round, Ericksen used a hole shot to beat Dale and Sims had the bye. The final round would be held Sunday morning, because it got dark.

The final round was delayed on Sunday, due to fog and cold weather. Finally, we got to it. Ericksen won against Sims and that would move him into fourth place in the points. Way to go Gary. Thanks again to Roberts Floor Covering.


On Sunday, we had eight racers: Allen Macham, Dennis Boley, Dave Wakefield, Jess Dale, Michelle Lewis, Todd Sims, Bill Gee and Gary Ericksen.

After one qualifying run, Macham and Ericksen both ran 10.917, but Macham did it first and so he was the #1 guy and got the award from Snap-On Tools. This race was sponsored by Designs Unlimited.

Round one started with Wakefield getting single due to Boley being a no show. Ericksen used a hole shot to beat Gee. Dale stopped Macham and Lewis won against Sims in a double breakout race.

Round two found Dale getting the better of Lewis and Wakefield winning when Ericksen turned on the red light.

Final round time. Dale needed to win for the championship and it was a double break out race. Wakefield had the light, but Dale played the finish line better for the win and by my rough calculation for the championship.

Great job Jess Dale. Thanks again to Designs Unlimited

The banquet will probably be January 26 in Tacoma. I will keep you guys and gals posted.